Agrow Bio manufactures the highest quality hardwood solid fuel, Co2 Emission-Free and Smokeless Industrial Charcoal "Second to None".

Our Industrial Charcoal Production 
We have produced high quality charcoal for +25 years. All wood feed stock comes from our local woodlands. 

Agrow Bio Quality Charcoal
Agrow Bio Industrial Charcoal is produced at an efficiency of 40 – 50%, which is 4 – 5 times higher than traditional charcoal production methods. 

Scientific methods are used in defining the quality of our charcoal. The energy content (as given by the heating value), density, volatile matter (VM) content, fixed carbon, ash content, and burning time – all represent the key elements used to appreciate the different types of charcoal. 

Charcoal of good quality retains the grain of the wood. It is jet black in colour with a shining lustre in a fresh cross-section. It is sonorous with a metallic ring, and does not crush, nor does it soil the fingers. It floats on water, is a bad conductor of heat and electricity, slow burning, easy to control, and burns with an attractive and natural flame.

Crashing effect represents the tendency of the charcoal lump to remain in its shape without disintegrating, i.e. its hardness. Lower effect shows the ability of charcoal to be transported or handled over time without being crashed into powder. A hardness pencil is standard tool for measuring this property. Lump formation is the tendency to form larger size lumps. These are normally harder, more stable and more regular (resembling the wood pieces from which they were carbonized). Larger lumps are therefore associated with high quality charcoal. 

Why should you choose Agrow Ecoal?
  • Over +25 years in production
  • Professional and efficient
  • Honest and reliable
  • Emission free Ecoal
  • Very competitive prices
Agrow Bio are members of Sustainable Forestry Inititative® (SFI) program and strongly adheres to ethical harvesting and sustainability of forestation. All trees cut down for the production of charcoal are replenished by 3 to 1 ratio

Smokeless Fuel

Agrow Bio Ecoal-Technology produce Co2 Emission-free smokeless fuel using its raw materials from renewable resources. These renewable materials come from plants that absorb the carbon dioxide that is released when our solid fuel burns. This makes ecoal much kinder to the environment than other coal based smokeless fuels.

Agrow Bio combines all the traditional benefits of a real fire with the easily controllable, high heat and long burning qualities of a modern smokeless fuel.

Agrow Bio is the market leader inemission-free smokeless high quality coal. It lasts up to 40% longer than house coal. Industrial Agrow Bio Ecoal also generates up to 70% more heat than house coal, so you can use less to achieve the same heat output.

When you burn Agrow Bio smokeless fuel, you'll spend less time worrying about refuelling, and more time enjoying the fire. Slow burning, and easy to control, Agrow Bio burns with an attractive and natural flame.

Product Information

The characteristics of Agrow Bio woodcharcoal:
(1) smokeless, odorless and sparkles.
(2) Good in glossiness raw material large-leaf or small-leaf stone bead processing technique. It is made by high-temperature processing of 850 C in our unique retorts.


Raw material

High calorific hardwood tree biomass

Processing technique

  • Produced by high-temperature processing technique of 850C in unique retorts. Faster Pyrolysis charcoal with increased fixed carbon content
  • Produced by emission free Retort technology

Heat value

 9000 Kcal

Ash content


Fixed carbon




Shipping & Packaging

All Consignments are loaded in: 40ft Containers (non-palletised)
Charcoal is bagged: 60 or 30 kg bags specified on order
Maximum container load: 23 tons

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