Grade Heating Temperatures


Superior Industrial – Grade 950 to 1200 Celsius

Premium Industrial – Grade 700 to 950 Celsius

Superior Restaurant– Grade 500 to 700 Celsius

Premium Restaurant– Grade 300 to 500 Celsius

Agrow Bio Industrial Charcoal is very reliable and produced with an Advanced Environmental Production Method, which offers real value for your money

Agrow Bio Industrial Charcoal is produced to customer requirements due to our ability to regulate the fixed carbon content. We are able to do so using our advanced clean and efficient retort methods, controlling and adjusting temperatures and pressure to the type of Industrial Charcoal specifications required by our clients.

  • Agrow Bio retorts regulate temperature and pressure, which enable us produce the reliable Industrial Charcoal Product with no charcoal dust, offering you a charcoal dust-free operational environment. It also reduces on the volatile matter and by using specific tree species can provide the required minimum ash content that traditional production methods cannot offer. Our advanced retorts regulate temperature, which makes your charcoal burn with a predictable uniform flame and lasts longer.
  • Agrow Bio Charcoal is produced at an efficiency of 36 - 40%, which is 4 – 5 times higher than traditional charcoal production methods, which offers an environmental benefit reducing on the trees, that would have been cut, if traditional earth mound kiln was used.
  • Agrow Bio charcoal is produced to regulated wood moisture content, making it unable to burst and sparkle with no trace of smoke as it burns.
  • Agrow Bio Charcoal offer you to be part of a climate cautious team/network, who do not emit Green House Gases to the atmosphere. In addition Agrow Bio Environmentally Clean Retort Production methods do not tamper with the soil and its organisms, different from traditional earth mound kilns.
  • Agrow Bio Retort methods offer services to our regular clients in a timely manner without production delays. We always plan and maintain a comprehensive stock for immediate shipment.

Agrow Bio Sustainably Clean Charcoal for a well nurtured healthy environment, your own safety and health and with care for climate while smiling, as you realize the greatest value for your money!

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